KIRSTIE BONES  |  Content & Art Direction  |  CA
KIRSTIE BONES | Content & Art Direction | CA


2019 Reel


Featured projects and Roles

Darkhorse Wine “Double Down” Varietal Promo Video: editing (video & music) / sfx / compositing / optimization

Dolls Kill “Club Exx” Social Video: editing (video & music), color grading, rotoscoping

Dolls Kill “Before It Goes Black” Promo Video: editing (video & music), color grading & treatment

Dancing Pizza: frame-by-frame animation, color grading & treatment, design

High Noob Vodka Animation collection: frame-by-frame animation, sfx, design

Del Monte Fruit & Chia Snack Cups Video: post-production, editing, compositing, VFX, sfx

Darkhorse Wine “Trailblazer” Video: editing (video & music), color grading & treatment 

Prophecy Wines: animation, motion graphics, compositing, rotoscoping

Snap Yo’ Fingers: frame-by-frame animation, design

Log Cabin Fans “National Pancake Day” Video: editing (video & music), color grading, compositing, VFX 

That Good Good: hand-drawn typography, animation, design

New Amsterdam Vodka Snapchat Filter: illustration, design, frame-by-frame animation

My favorite words series “Nope”: frame-by-frame animation, design

MMC x Coca Cola Pitch Animation: character design, illustration, rigging, animation

Bettercloud Animation: character design, vector illustration, rigging, animation

“Tower”: rotoscoping

Reel music: MUNNYCAT "Platinum Gold"